Welcome to Infusion

We want to see the savour of the gospel infuse cultures. This happens when disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ live their lives with truth and love towards each other and to the wider community. In communities in which there are few disciples of Christ, gospel workers from outside must seek to live and witness among the people with the purpose of leading people to the Saviour. Those involved in such cross-cultural ministry must have a deep understanding of both the gospel and their host culture, and need to learn wisdom in the way they live out their lives and communicate the good news.

Infusion provides a learning environment to facilitate the development of cross-cultural gospel workers. It does this by providing resources that are designed to develop biblical understanding and cultural intelligence. 

The site consists of a number of courses. Ideally you would be working through the material as part of a learning community, guided by an experienced mentor. If you cannot be part of such a community you can still learn using these materials. A mentor with whom you meet on a regular basis, face-to-face or virtually, will help you get the most out of your course.